Invited Speakers

Epitaxy, Novel Materials, and Nanostructures

Evgeny Chekhovich, University of Sheffield, UK

Non-invasive structural analysis of InP quantum dots and other nanostructures using nuclear magnetic resonance

Sebastian Lourdudoss, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Heteroepitaxy of InP on Si for photonic and photovoltaic applications

Kirsten E. Moselund, IBM Research Zurich, Switzerland

Integration of III-V heterostructure tunnel FETs on Si using template assisted selective epitaxy (TASE)

Electron Devices and Related Technologies

Colombo Bolognesi, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

InP/InGaAsSb DHBTs evolution in THz electronics era

Satoshi Sasaki, NTT Basic Research Labs, Japan

InAs/InP core-shell nanowire transistor with outstanding performance

Shinichi Takagi, University of Tokyo, Japan

III-V MOS device technologies for advanced CMOS and tunneling FET

Optoelectronics Devices and Related Technologies

Toshihiko Baba, Yokohama National University, Japan

Photonic crystal lasers and its application to bio-sensing

Gunther Roelkens, University Gent, Belgium

Heterogeneous integration of InP devices on silicon

Yasuhiro Matsui, Finisar, USA

Narrow linewidth tunable semiconductor laser